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Tania Rose Fox

Tania has been practicing Yoga since 1995, trained as a Yoga teacher with the Devon School of Yoga (500hr diploma) and has been teaching since 2012.
Tania’s interest in Yoga dates back to her teens but she began a self-taught home practice aged 20, back in 1995 whilst studying western philosophy at university. She maintained this traditional Hatha Yoga practice over the next decade, whilst travelling and working all over the world; time spent working in places such as New Mexico and Thailand during this period particularly opened up her interest in eastern philosophies such as Taoism, Buddhism and Zen. She also experienced a strong yearning to explore her artistic creativity more, returning to the UK in 2001 & taking several art courses, culminating in the move to Exeter in 2004 to study fine art. However, in Exeter, she discovered a rich Yoga culture and it was this, not the art course, which opened up her true life path.
In 2005, Tania began studying Yoga with Duncan Hulin (director & founder of the Devon School of Yoga) & other Devon teachers; for the next decade, Duncan was her main teacher & she received a thorough, authentic education in Holistic Yoga from him: not just asanas but also kriyas, pranayama, meditation & other practices; from 2011-13, she took the Devon School of Yoga’s two-year teacher training, and began teaching classes in 2012.
As her self-practice evolved, Tania became more drawn to the benefits of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system of Yoga and began to immerse herself more deeply in it, seeking out American Ashtanga pioneers David Williams and Nancy Gilgoff, as well as Andrea Durant, more locally. At the end of 2015 she travelled to Maui, Hawaii, intending to immerse herself in a month of intensive disciplined Mysore practice, but unexpectedly discovered a more feminine, nurturing, freer approach was what she needed, & she experienced a profound heart-opening and a deeply liberating & healing joyful sense of empowerment in Maui teacher Jennifer Lynn’s excellent Wisdom Flow Yoga style, with its Anusara-flavoured heart-oriented approach to strong vinyasa yoga & safe alignment and a Tantra-based philosophy in which delight & joyful embodiment are the source of greater liberation and spiritual connection to universal life force. The month Tania spent on Maui affected her profoundly on many levels; it was an extraordinarily transformative experience for her and has proved an ongoing source of inspiration – what she experienced there continues to inform her Yoga practice & teaching deeply! Back in Devon, Tania offers a range of weekly Holistic Vinyasa Yoga classes, combining mindful awareness of breath & body with flowing dynamic sequences of postures, cultivating a balance of groundedness & strength as a foundation for greater heart-opening. She has not abandoned Ashtanga but found her own gentler, less strict approach which still draws on the benefits of the primary series in particular, whilst creating more feminine “lunar” standing flows. Her teaching is increasingly rooted in a nature-based spirituality with awareness of the Earth’s solar seasons and the lunar cycle.
Her wish is to create a relaxed, safe, nurturing space for her students in which they can experience a peaceful, subtle path of healing, transformation and growth, developing greater self-understanding on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual… Tania encourages her students to balance disciplined practice with a lot of compassion! She also offers a diverse range of seasonal workshops, ranging from her own holistic approach to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, to more gentle, nurturing heart-oriented journeys which combine guided meditations, dynamic flowing postures, pranayama and deeply relaxing Yoga Nidras. Cacao (pure unprocessed raw chocolate) often features in these sessions as Tania is also a trained cacao ceremonialist, holding regular sacred ceremonies for women around Devon. She also runs regular 6 week Heart Flow Yoga intermediate level yoga courses for women who have previously studied with her. These courses combine the flowing Holistic Vinyasa style of her weekly drop-ins with other Hatha Yoga practices and nature-based spirituality, and are particularly great for those wanting to deepen their understanding of yoga and develop their own personal practice. Although rooted more in Devon these days, Tania still loves travel & has been happy to combine further training with travels! She is a qualified Thai Yoga Massage therapist, having trained intensively with the Sunshine Network in northern Thailand and with Hadadi Thai Massage School in Portugal; she also undertook a short private training in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi bodywork whilst on Maui, and she trained as a Cacaoista in Ibiza, working with cacao as a plant medicine & holding sacred ceremonies. In the winter of 2015-16 she taught Yoga & gave Thai massage treatments at an international retreat centre on an island in southwest Thailand. In addition to her yoga classes, courses and workshops, and her women’s cacao ceremonies, Tania is also happy to offer teaching for individuals and smaller private groups, and can create cacao ceremonies for you: contact her for more details.
Website: www.holisticashtanga.com Email: tania@holisticashtanga.com
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  • “The yoga path provides a meaningful way to integrate our physical existence with our psychological, emotional and spiritual being; a holistic approach to health; and the tools to heal ourselves both physically and psychologically.”