Georgie Crickmere

Yoga has always been a journey of connecting to the body and finding balance in her life for Georgie. It has offered her the space to explore and understand her body and mind on a deeper level to help move through day to day life with a bit more ease and to heal physical injuries and emotional trauma. She began her yoga practice whilst at university in 2009 in a couple of classes, but her practice became more frequent whilst in Australia in 2013 where she connected with Hatha Flow and Yin Yoga. She found the balance between yin and yang to benefit her greatly and she was able to match her practice based on energy levels and what her body was needing in that moment. A forever student and an international teacher, she loves to share in her classes all the experiences and development yoga has offered her.

In her classes you will be encouraged to feel into your body, helping to build a deeper connection to how each posture feels, how the breath can act as the tool expand your practice and help to release stress and tension being held. Georgie always encourages you to honour your body, your mind and your heart to meet yourself where you are in that moment, releasing expectations, judgement and comparison to others and yourself, knowing that each time you step on the mat will be a new and different experience.

In early 2016 Georgie began her teaching journey completing her 200hr Vinyasa and Hatha Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, the home and origin of yoga. She spent an incredible time learning from her teaches who have grown up in this area and have yoga as part of their culture. She has since continued her education, completing over 400hours of teacher training hours in various styles including Yin Yoga studying under Senior Assistants to Paul Grilley, Sebastien and Murille Pucelle, Hot Yoga, SUP Yoga and Aerial Yoga. In 2018, she spent two months teaching in a yoga studio in Medellin, Colombia, to expats and locals, developing her teaching under the guidance of the studio owner and learning to teach in Spanish. In 2020 she is beginning her 300hr advanced training with Jo Phee, Yinspiration, to further develop her Yin Yoga knowledge and teachings. With a focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine, MyoFascial Release, MyoYin, AcuPressure, AcuYin, Yin & Yang Fusion Flow, Yin Yoga Nidra and Qi Gong, Georgie is looking forward to sharing these new learnings with you.

Georgie offers 1-2-1 classes for individuals and groups, as well as corporate yoga classes, wellbeing treatments and retreat days/weekends.

Always fascinated by the body, movement, healthy living, nutrition and self-development, Georgie has pursued further training to become a Certified Health & Life Coach, Massage Therapist and Master Reiki Practitioner.  You will see each of these modalities on offer during weekend retreats, workshops and private sessions to help deepen your connection to a fully, holistic lifestyle.

Currently she is running monthly workshops in Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga Foundations and also Restorative Aerial Yin Yoga. For more information and to book, head to

For more information and to book a class, head to
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