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Wendy Brooking

Wendy first practised yoga 35 years ago in draughty church halls where the dress code was 'layers and woollies' She started teaching 15 years ago and more recently undertook an advanced course so that she could deliver Yoga Nidra within her teaching.

Wendy discovered Scaravelli Inspired Yoga more than a decade ago and fell in love. “It was like a coming home, as was my first Yoga Nidra experience”

“It's been a journey” she says. “One that is not over, I can not imagine my life with out this exploration of movement and deep rest in it”

Learn to relax with out collapsing.

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga is a practice that can be enjoyed by everyone - the fit and the less able, the flexible and the less so. Age is no barrier to this practice.

The sense of freedom and joy that this style of yoga brings to the body is delicious. The health benefits are unlimited; to learn to relax with out collapsing is an achievement. Combine this gentle enquiry into movement with deep rest and you have the essence of Wendy's Classes.

At present Wendy Teaches a weekly class at Derek the Dog on a Friday morning 10 .00 to 11.30.

She also teaches one to one classes at her small city centre Studio on a Tuesday and a Friday afternoon.

For more info please visit wendybrooking.co.uk
or email her

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