Mindfulness-based stress reduction

8-week courses to support you in bringing mindfulness into your everyday life

Eight week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR) with Andrea Durant

‘Mindfulness is the awareness that comes from paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally’ – John Kabt-Zinn

‘Mindfulness is the willingness and capacity to be equally present with all events and experiences with discernment, curiosity and kindness’ – Christina Feldman

Who is this for?
Anybody facing day to day STRESS; ANXIETY; DEPRESSION; PAIN; and for anybody who wants to establish a REGULAR MEDITATION PRACTICE.

What does it involve?
Each session builds on the other. The sessions last two hours, consisting of MINDFUL MEDITATION TRAINING; YOGA AND BODY AWARENESS; and AN EXPLORATION OF THINKING, FEELING AND ACTION. Practitioners are asked to commit to a daily practice with support of multi media.

How does it work?
You will learn key skills through guided meditation and didactic and experiential teachings. These promote the awareness and experience to see that much of our suffering comes from the way in which we deal with challenges and difficulties in our lives. After this there is the choice on how we then respond.
This course was implemented by John Kabat-Zinn thirty years ago, to promote well being. There is now mounting scientific evidence that the practice of just eight weeks mindfulness has the outcome of relieving pain and a tangible effect on areas of the brain, acknowledged to be fundamental to COORDINATION; MEMORY; EMOTIONAL REGULATION; ATTENTION; SELF AWARENESS AND ELICITING THE RELAXATION RESPONSE.

For current Mindfulness practitioners:

Those who have already completed an MBSR or MBCT eight week course, are welcome to attend as a refresher, to emphasise the importance of practice and to help strengthen and support continuity of practice. There will be a reduced rate of 50%. Commitment to the eight sessions as best you are able, is an important component to the welfare of the course and the group.

Booking: Please contact: andreaclairdurant@gmail.com

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