Jules Yount

Jules is passionate about movement having participated in numerous sports including playing football (soccer) for over 18 years. She came to yoga after having established a regular martial arts practice including runner her own dojo with her ex-husband who was a Royal Marine Commando. She’s trained throughout the UK, Europe, America and Japan as both a classical budo instructor and modern self-defence instructor.

She has taught yoga for over 10 years and her classes are playful, explorative and inclusive (ALL LEVELS ARE MOST WELCOME).

Jules offers beautiful, flowing yoga classes to sooth, revive and strengthen the body while quieting and calming the mind. Each practice is an invitation to connect deeply to the flow of your breath while encouraging greater self-awareness and well-being.

She also offers fun, playful and dynamic beginner and intermediate acroyoga classes and workshops with co-teacher Penny Dye. Acroyoga is a blending together of the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and loving kindness of Thai Yoga Massage. For more information about Acroyoga, please see the following link: http://yogawithjules.co.uk/ACROYOGA.htmlAnd finally, to better enable students to understand Jules’ approach to yoga and movement arts, here is a helpful list of her qualifications:

  • 500 Hour Yoga Teacher with the Devon School of Yoga
  • Level 1 Acroyoga Teacher with Acroyoga.org
  • VanCity Acroyoga Teacher 
  • Level 1 Movement Flow with Slava Goloubov 
  • Current Budokon Yoga student with Cameron & Melayne Shayne

Jules teaches on the Devon School of Yoga Foundation and Teacher Training Courses (www.devonyoga.com) and is one of the founding organisers of the Devon Yoga Festival (www.devonyogafestival.co.uk). She worked as a PA for Professor Edzard Ernst for 12 years in the Complementary Medicine Unit of the Peninsula Medical School and, since 2011 has worked as the PA to Duncan Hulin, the founder of the Devon School of Yoga.  

For more information about Jules, please visit her website: www.YogawithJules.co.uk

“Wisdom and spirituality unfold in the same manner as a tree grows…every tree in the forest has the same goal: to reach the light.” David Swenson

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