Yoga for children

Yoga classes for children and teens are fun, non-competitive, aid concentration, improve coordination and balance. The classes are also a great way to build confidence and, of course, help children and teenagers to keep fit and healthy.

Benefits of yoga for children and teenagers:

• Improve concentration
• Improve flexibility and fitness
• Helps children to be calm
• Helps children relax
• Promotes more restful sleep
• Improves coordination
• Reduce exam stress
• Reduce anxieties
• Increase self-confidence and self-esteem

Family yoga classes
Often parents find it hard to have spare time away from work and family life to practice yoga. Family yoga classes allow parents to bring their children along for yoga practice. Parents have also found that practicing yoga with their children also helps them bond and developing a yoga practice as a family has very positive outcomes for the family on and off the mat. For details of family yoga classes please see the class schedule.

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