Sivananda Yoga

Sivananda Yoga, originates in the teaching of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh. Sivananda yoga is a traditional system that focuses on preserving the complete health and wellness of the practitioner. Sivananda classes revolve around frequent relaxation, and emphasize full, yogic breathing.

The Sivananda approach aims to retain the vitality of the body and decrease chance of disease, by simply and naturally cultivating the body. The system philosophies are summarized in 5 principles.

▪ Proper exercise: Asanas
▪ Proper breathing: Pranayama
▪ Proper relaxation: Savasana
▪ Proper diet: Vegetarian. A yogic diet is encouraged
▪ Positive thinking and meditation: Vedanta and Dhyana

Sivanada Yoga has Yoga centres all over the world offering courses and retreats.

What to expect in a Sivananda class:

A Sivananda class often starts with relaxation and and some pranayama, breathing exercises, then several rounds of Sūrya namaskāra (salutation to the sun,) before the standard program of the 12 classical asanas (postures.) The class will finish with relaxation. A session averages 90 minutes, and the traditional program may be followed flexibly by the teacher, allowing for some variation.

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