Saghar Amozgar

I am Saghar (Nasrien) Amozgar, Persian in origin. I came to the UK in 2000 after 8 years of study in India, completing my PhD in Psychology and my journey of discovery into yoga, meditation, and traditional ayurvedic massage.

I studied Ayurvedic Yoga Massage under the expert guidance of Swami Varidi, who trained with the renowned Kusum Modak herself. I qualified in Pune 1999. I continued to work closely with Swami Varidi, organising his courses in Europe and assisting him with their delivery in the UK.

I was fortunate to study in Pune City in the neighbourhood of the Iyengar ashram. My learning and understanding of yoga continued with my qualification from the Sivananda yoga center in Kerala, India in 2004. Since then I have been teaching many classes including Muslim women community centres, children and open classes for all.

I established the Ayurvedic Yoga Association in 2004. My passion is sharing my experiences and insights gained over the years of body-work, not only through my therapeutic work with individuals, but also by running regular workshops and professional standard training courses for practitioners to spread this wonderful ancient technique around the globe.

Contact Saghar: 07974470610

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